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UIComposition HOL step order, typos, MVP usage etc


I've just run through this HOL and have discoevered a few issues (below). Also, I'm wondering why, for Prism4, you're using the MVP pattern rather than delving straight into MVVM, which seems to be the standard people are settling on. Anyone picking up Prism4 would likely go straight for MVVM as their preferred soultion. However, I do appreciate you've added a refactoring from MVP to MVVM- perhaps that could be seperated out as a another lab- for people who wish to migrate from one pattern to the other?
Steps 2,3,4 : Views\ProductsView should just read Views\ to match the solution layout.
Step 4:- IProductsView should be IProductsListView
Step 5: IProductListView should be IProductsListView
Step 7: ProductListView should be ProductsListView
Step 8: ProductListView should be ProductsListView, IProductListView should be IProductsListView
Step 9: ProductListView should be ProductsListView
Step13:- This step needs to be done AFTER following Task 2 Step 1, otherwise there is no Unity container to bind to.
On Task 2, Step 2 : It would be clearer if you included the Initialize() code here rather than in step 4- the reason is that you need to remove the code that is already there when the solution is first loaded (e.g. adding the TextBlock to the region). Of course, if you don't do this you get the TextBlock and not the ProductsListView you just made. (of course, copyind and pasting the code in step 4 would solve this).


corez23 wrote Dec 3, 2010 at 1:23 PM

Moving onto exercise 2 I see why you've used Views\ProductsView rather than just Views. It is probably worth updating Exercise 1 (the solutions and the solution screenshot in the docx) to use this structure so it flows smoothly into the next exercise.

wrote Feb 14, 2013 at 3:09 AM