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Dependency Injection Excertise 2 End Solution

May 8, 2011 at 11:39 PM

When I downloaded the kit and started working through the examples I noticed that some of them won't run straight out of the box.

i.e. Under Dependency Injection Excercise 2 End.  When I run it I get an error that wants to launch the Visual Studio debugger.

I think this is a great idea although each solution needs to be tested because when your learning something and the example doesn't work..that makes it real hard.

Also I wish there was more verbage to go along with what I'm doing in the lab.  So what I can load a module without adding a reference. In what scenarios is that going to help me?

If all the examples worked and there was a small application done right without the "If this was a real application you wouldn't do this" statements this would be an awesome resource.


thanks for the effort,