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Prism Training Kit 4.0 Beta

The Prism Training Kit is composed of a set of Hands-On-Labs that are meant to help you get familiar with Prism in an easy, interactive way. You can download the latest version from here.
New!: Labs updated to Prism 4. All Hands-On-Labs are now using the new Prism 4 assemblies.

New!: 2 new Labs were added to tackle new concepts introduced in Prism 4. The new MEF and Navigation labs explain how to use the new Prism MEF extensions and the navigation infrastructure.

Note: Take into account that this is a Beta version. If you find any bugs please report them in the Issue Tracker



This Training Kit contains 7 Hands-On-Labs that cover relevant concepts of Prism 4.0. The following Labs are available:
  1. Modularity Lab: Shows how to decouple your solution using modules. Includes step-by-step guidance on how to configure modules in code and using a XAML ModulesCatalog. There is also an exercise that explains how to load Silverlight modules remotely.
  2. Dependency Injection Lab: Shows how to register and consume services in a decoupled way. Explains the main features of Unity, and how to register and resolve dependencies.
  3. Bootstrapper Lab: Shows how to customize the bootstrapping of your application. Explains how to configure a custom logger.
  4. UIComposition Lab: Shows how to compose the UI of you application from several decoupled views. Includes brief step-by-step explanation on using the MVP pattern and the use of controllers. Explains the use of the RegionManager and RegionViewRegistry for ViewInjection and ViewDiscovery.
  5. Communication Lab: Shows how to communicate between modules in a decoupled way. Includes brief step-by-step guidance on using the MVVM pattern (and refactoring from MVP) and detailed steps for using DelegateCommands with AttachedBehaviors. Publishing and Subscribing using the EventAggregator is also described.
  6. MEF Lab: Explains how to load modules using a MEF container for dependency injection, how to use the new ViewExport attribute, how to load modules remotely and monitor its download progress.
  7. Navigation Lab: Explains the view-based navigation approach supported by the Prism API. It shows how to pass parameters between views, canceling/confirming navigation, and how to use the navigation Journal.

Each Lab includes:
  • A startup solution for each exercise of the lab.
  • A a step-by-step document with code snippets and screen-shots that walks you through you prism key features.
  • An end solution for each exercise in the lab, with the resulting application after performing all the lab's steps.

We are working to make this training kit the best material for you, so your feedback is really appreciated.
If you have any question, you can use the Discussion Threads.
If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, you can use the Issue Tracker

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